MOVIETALKY: Extinction Reviews (2018)

Extinction Reviews (2018)

After Netflix made a splash earlier this winter with its purchase of The Cloverfield Paradox from Paramount, they quickly went to work on their next purchase: Extinction. Initially targeted for a January 26th, 2018 release from Universal Pictures, the movie was later removed from the release schedule. Luckily, Netflix did Universal a solid, and now Extinction is here, ready for our consumption. But as our good friend Austin Burke explains, this business deal didn’t exactly lead to overwhelming quality.
The following review will be spoiler free.


Directed By: Ben Young
Written By: Spenser Cohen, Eric Heisserer, and Brad Kane
Starring: Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter, Israel Broussard, and Erica Tremblay
A working class father (Peña) of the future faces recurring dreams of destruction by an unknown force. When his unwanted nightmares begin to affect his relationship with his family, he soon realizes they may be the key to a horrible reality, as a relentless alien attack begins to destroy the Earth. As the invaders’ assault progresses, he is forced to find both the strength to protect his family and an understanding of who he truly is.


For a discussion of the latest film from Netflix, watch the video from Austin Burke above.
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