MOVIETALKY: The Worst Movies of June 2018

The Worst Movies of June 2018

The Worst Movies of June 2018
It’s understandable to make a bad movie.  It happens.  There’s so many moving parts that go into even the smallest production, whether it’s the direction, screenwriting, acting…all the way down to the assistant that brings coffee to the set.  We sometimes forget it, but moviemaking is really, really hard.
But then, some movies and the people behind them have the nerve to fight back against those that dislike the film, so much so that individual critics end up on morning shows detailing their harassment (we feel your pain, Dan Murrell), and that type of behavior has a special place in movie Hell (not to mention that the film in this particular case is nonsensical).  Those particular films are indefensible.
Here are the worst movies of June 2018:

#3: Action Point

Action Point is one of those movies that comes around every so often that doesn’t really appeal to anyone.  For fans of Johnny Knoxville and JackassAction Point is far too tame in its stunts and humor.  If you wanted to see a sweet father-daughter story, Action Point only shows familial clichés.  And if you wanted a pleasant nostalgia trip, the film doesn’t really play into that concept hard enough.
Action Point is a nothing movie with no depth or thrills.  You can watch it and not hate it, but you’ll quickly forget it.

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the worst movies of June 2018
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#2: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Perfect schlock is a balance that’s almost impossible to achieve.  And while many fans of the Jurassic franchise wish that it would return to its more intelligent roots, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is sign that the franchise is going all in on stupidity, but there’s just one problem…well, maybe two: it never strikes the proper tone to go along with its idiotic script.
Fallen Kingdom is oddly depressing in its construction, forgetting the silly thrills of 2015’s Jurassic World for a horror aesthetic that remains lethargic and never thrilling.
However, what people remember of Fallen Kingdom will be its bizarre script that consistently one-ups itself in the stupidity department.  From another genetically modified dinosaur to more paper-thin characters, there’s nothing to distract every dumb decision made.  Fallen Kingdom isn’t fun schlock, it’s pure stupidity.
And when you think about it, Fallen Kingdom is merely a placeholder film to get to the film that Collin Trevorrow and Co. wanted to make all along.

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the worst movies of June 2018
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#1: Gotti

Let this be a lesson to all filmmakers and producers out there: if your movie tanks with critics, maybe it’s a better idea to just take it in stride and move on with your life, not call every critic a “troll that sits behind a keyboard.”
The MoviePass co-distribution still sits at a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, and for good reason.  The mafia film is basically nonsensical, shifting POV every few minutes without a clear theme or idea.  Gotti even jumps all over its own timeline with multiple framing devices.  Does a mob movie really need the narrative complexity of Primer without the intelligence?  It doesn’t help that there are dozens of characters that the movie expects you to know and remember within five seconds of their introductions.
Shockingly, John Travolta avoids another cartoonish performance as the titular character (although seeing him yell “FUHGEDDABOUDIT” gets him very close), but every performance feels staged, like each actor watched a slew of classical New York gangster movies and remembered the greatest hits.
But at least there’s multiple Pitbull songs in Gotti, because when I think of the Teflon Don, my mind immediately goes to Cuban house music.

*To read the site’s full review of Gotti, please click here.
the worst movies of June 2018
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In Case You (Or I) Missed It

Other movies in the month of June still made me angry (or sad — or a combination of the two), just not quite to the level of the three films above.  Let’s extend the discussion of the worst movies of June 2018, shall we?

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

I went on a mini rant in an article I wrote about this movie.  This movie is lucky it has a great director that expertly creates wonderful tension and action, but everything on a thematic level is cold, and not in the way that was intended.
Day of the Soldado feels like a ploy for cash down to its very existence.  I can’t get behind that.
the worst movies of June 2018
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Brain on Fire

Based on the best-selling book that chronicled this true story, the movie version of Brain on Fire is painfully average in every standard.  Chloe Grace Moretz offers another suitably stable (or unstable given the subject matter) as a woman who is slowly losing her mind more and more, but the execution of it all is mechanical, tame, and, by all counts, uneventful.  Nothing deserves a “C” grade more than this film.

To Each, Her Own

There are plenty of great stories that cover discussions of sexuality and relationships, but To Each, Her Own is not one of them.  The Netflix film starts off poorly with an unlikable protagonist that is incredibly selfish…and gets worse with a script that hinges on misunderstandings and clichés of LGBT culture.

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